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Christiana Cinn Does Yoga
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From: VRHush
Alex is known around town as the best yoga instructor, and getting in as a new student is hard. Christiana Cinn wants to make a good impression on him. She also wants to see if the rumors are true and if he really is as hung as all the other girls say. The early stretching is fine, although she does want to make sure she maintains perfect form. Would you mind spotting her" Yup, hands on her hips, there you go. All right, she has her back stretched out, now it is time for her thighs. With all the legwork she does throughout the day, having stretched out thighs is a must. She bends over, pushing her hands to the ground as she thrusts her butt into the air. Need to work out all of the upper leg muscles. If only these workout shorts weren't in the way. Making it hard to stretch. Would you mind helping her slip them off" Wow, get a load of that sweet ass with those pants down! Now that is a throb inducer if you've ever seen one. Of course, you're a professional, and you want to maintain professionalism. It's hard to fight the urge, though. Thankfully, Christiana doesn't want you to fight the urge. She wants you to give in. Christiana Cinn lays you back down on the ground, on the yoga mat, and gives you the full view of her delicious ass and pussy. She can see you are throbbing, looking up at her, but would you mind helping her out a bit, just to make sure she's ready to take your full size" That's it. Lick your tongue across her clit. Taste her. Take in her aroma. Wow you really are getting big down there. Ok, she's ready for you. She can just see you're so big, she knew she'd need some extra lubrication to take it all in. Christiana backs on over you, taking your meat in her hand and guiding it where it belongs. Deep, deep into where it belongs. Wow, can't you feel that! So incredible. It's the perfect fit. She allows you to watch her ass run up and down your shaft. She can feel you growing inside of her, but she doesn't want this to be the grand finale. She wants it to just be the beginning. You aren't allowed to shoot off your fireworks until a bit later. She flips around and lets you watch her do the work, taking your throbbing member into her tightness as she makes perfect eye contact with you, moaning along the way. Don't forget, though, she still plans on going down on you, wiping all of her juices away with her own tongue. Now that we're here, how would you like to end" It's all up to you.
Nov 07 2018