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Nikki Benz Sucks Your Cock
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From: VRHush
Nikki Benz didn't wind up ascending to the highest point of her own business by taking no chances and saying yes to everybody. She made it to the best by kicking ass and taking names. She's dependably had a wild side for business. She can tell when there's a decent arrangement and when something is hot, prepared for the taking. Each business exchange gets her off only a smidgen, yet it doesn't fulfill her. She needs more. As her official right hand, you are there to help Nikki with whatever she needs. On the off chance that she needs an espresso before anything else, you're there to offer it to her. On the off chance that she needs foundation bits of knowledge into every last bit of her forthcoming arrangements, you're there to offer it to her. In the event that she needs a throbbing hard cockerel sliding profound into her dribbling wet pussy, you're there to offer it to her. Today, Nikki needs it terrible. Genuine awful. She simply settled the negotiations of a century. It will make her dirty, ridiculously wealthy. She hurts from her business high, yet she pines for a hard, throbbing dick, your dick, somewhere down in her mouth. So when she calls you in after the business call, her shirt effectively unfastened a couple of catches, you realize what she needs, however yet regardless you're shocked exactly how awful she needs it. As you stroll in, she drives her seat once again from her work area. Her skirt is as of now pulled up around her abdomen. She is so wet and throbbing. You can tell she's been chipping away at herself before she called you in. Presently she's everything yours and prepared to detonate. As you approach her, Nikki kicks her leg up onto the work area, spreading herself wide. You get down on your knees to love her pussy for the goddess that she is. You respect it, pondering exactly that you are so fortunate to have this activity, before getting her around her thighs and attracting your mouth to her throbbing lips, shooting your tongue into what is now trickling wet. Nikki is helpless. Everything she can do is curve her back and hold your face to your wetness as she groans boisterously for the world to hear. She adores each move of the tongue within her, yet she's been desiring chicken, so she stands and drives you once more into the seat, taking your throbbing masculinity profound into her mouth. The distance down. Her rear end lingers palpably as she gulps down you, stroking your balls as her tongue twirls around you. You're about prepared to blow. In any case, Nikki isn't prepared for you to detonate at this time. She gets to her knees, pushing her can into the air. You comprehend what to do. You mount her and push your throbbing rooster somewhere within her. She heaves for air with each long, profound push into her. You take her from various positions. She even jumps off and sucks your dick some more, tasting herself on your throbbing shaft. You're going to top. You're so close. You investigate Nikki's eyes and you both know precisely where to wrap up.
Nov 05 2018