VRSmash Launches Premium Subscription Service

Sep 26, 2018

The world's first VR Porn Tube just launched their premium service that gives unlimited access to hundreds of full-length VR Porn videos in 4k & 5k quality.

Premium members are able to download or watch all their favorite videos privately with the in-browser VR app. They will get access to hundreds of videos from top studios including BaDoinkVR, HoloGirlsVR, VR Bangers, VR Latina and more. New releases are added regularly and they are planning to add many more studios soon.

“This is a great offering for all our users” said Mike Hartman of VRSmash. “Now visitors who prefer the privacy of using our in browser app can access full videos from lots of studios without leaving our site.”

Pricing is 19.95 monthly or $95.40 annually. For more information visit https://www.vrsmash.com/billing/gopremium

VR Player - Controller Support Added

Mar 29, 2018

VRSmash has announced the release of an update to its web player that provides users with the ability to browse and interact with its virtual reality porn videos through supported controllers.

According to the company, the embedded video player now supports VR controllers compatible with Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality and Google Daydream systems, providing users with full control over the browsing and viewing experience thanks to a variety of input mechanics.

“Users can now browse and move around inside the VR porn videos and catalogue without the need to remove their headset,” said Mike Hartman of VRSmash. “This includes browsing the extensive video catalogue, as well as playing, pausing, stopping or skipping the playback position of the videos via a handheld controller.”

Hartman explained that when using the controller, a simulated controller appears and directs a laser pointer to the user’s selected position.

“Staring at certain spots in a scene, or even having to remove your headset to change videos and adjust playback was a serious drawback in the past. It was really holding back the immersive quality of our VR porn player,” Hartman added. “We’re excited to deliver controller support and give our viewers a better virtual reality viewing experience.”

Continually launching updates to its video player, Hartman says the VRSmash team is dedicated to making every experience the best it can be.

“Whether that means providing high definition 4K video streaming, or in this case controller support, the team is constantly looking for new innovations to deploy,” Hartman concluded. “The website remains easy to use and features an extensive, up-to-date video library filled with all the best VR porn.”It's so much easier to browse around now. Here is a quick video I put together demoing how you can use controls.

Windows Mixed Reality Headset Support

Jan 12, 2018

VRSmash.com announced today an update to the website’s embedded video player that now allows for full integration of the new Windows Mixed Reality headset.

According to the company, Windows Mixed Reality is a virtual reality headset released by Microsoft that is integrated with Windows 10 to provide users access to a virtual reality ecosystem where they can play games, watch videos or use VR apps to explore and create in their own virtual space.

VRSmash visitors will now be able to watch VR porn videos directly onsite using a Windows Mixed Reality VR Headset.

“It’s extremely easy to view content without the need to download or install any software or apps,” Mike Hartman of VRSmash explained. “Using the Microsoft Edge internet browser, simply navigate to VRSmash.com, select a video to watch, click ‘Play in VR’ and choose ‘Immersive View’ — that’s it.”

Hartman said the site’s users can immerse themselves inside a VR porn scene in seconds, no matter which VR viewing device they are using.

“Watching VR porn on VRSmash.com should be easy — no matter which headset or viewing device our visitors are using,” Hartman said. “We keep tabs on all the new tech releases, which is why as soon as Windows Mixed Reality came out, we were ready to provide quick and convenient access to our whole video content catalogue.”

“That’s one of the reasons we’ve grown into one of the most popular VR tube sites on the net,” Hartman added. “We just want all Windows Mixed Reality headset owners to know that VRSmash is offering full support for the new device.”

Hartman noted the team at VRSmash prides itself on always being up-to- date with all developments in the field of VR porn — be that new video releases, new studios or new technology hitting the market.

“VRSmash aims to provide a secure and easy-to-use website for visitors to sample or purchase all available adult VR video content in one convenient place,” Hartman said. “The website also offers ‘one-click’ support for all major VR viewing devices, with no downloads or installs required, [while] the VRSmash ‘click and play’ interface offers a fast and simple way to watch VR porn online.”

VRSmash Unveils New Logo

Sep 09, 2017

new vrsmash logo

Upon visiting VRSmash.com you may notice a few things look a little bit different. A new VRSmash logo with a modern, updated look was released early this week and can now be seen online. The logo aims to reflect VR technology while paying homage to pornography’s yesteryear with a “futuristic retro” look and feel.

“Virtual pornography is as much about immersion through technology as it is about good ol’ fashioned pornography, and that was something we wanted incorporated into our new logo. Our team got together with our designers to come with a theme that says – sexy, sleazy, yet inviting – sort of like the glow of a red lamp in the window of your favorite brothel. A new look was necessary after only minimal updates over the years.”, said Mike Hartman of VRSmash.

VRSmash has witnessed its popularity rise with the adoption of VR porn, and has been busy constantly refining its tube site experience to reflect all industry improvements. Playback support is available for all popular VR headsets (including Smartphones or Cardboard) while the tube sites user interface is quick, easy and intuitive to browse. The video catalogue is large, with complete video collections from all the major (and tons of not so major) virtual reality porn studios. Girls, Guys, Trans – there is something for everyone no matter your fancy. Virtual porn fantasies are available in up to 6K 3D HD video quality with binaural sound and can be downloaded or quickly streamed through the VRSmash Mainstage video player. Regular updates to the site keep browsing videos simple and the content fresh. Stay tuned, there’s always more on the way.

About VRSmash: VRSmash is a popular online VR porn tube site dedicated to all that is virtual reality pornography. Since 2015, the site has been serving an updated menu of the hottest and sexiest VR porn to a thirsty audience who want to see all the hot, naughty action unfold seemingly in their laps. The tube site uses its own immersive Mainstage video player featuring available stream or download options for an outstanding user experience. The company remains innovative and dedicated to pushing the limits of virtual reality sex into the future.

VRSmash.com Unveils New Mobile Player

Feb 11, 2016

Virtual reality tube site VRSmash.com has introduced a new mobile VR player with head tracking, which allows browsing and streaming porn on mobile devices like Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

Users of VR Smash are now able to watch virtual reality videos in VR mode without any downloads or removing the headset to change videos.

VR Smash’s technology also allows adult ads in virtual reality.

VR Smash’s VR environment is built with HTML5 and Javascript and supports 180- and 360-degree 3D videos.

A VR Smash spokesperson said, “Our recent developments at VR Smash have ensured that virtual reality porn online is no longer a matter of the future or something for geeks only. It is real, free, and it’s accessible to everyone with our easy-to-use mobile virtual reality streaming environment. You do not need to go out and drop hundreds of dollars on a Samsung smartphone with Gear VR or an Oculus Rift. It’s possible for you to experience virtual reality with your Android Mobile or iPhone thanks to the affordable devices like Google Cardboard.”